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Annual Refresher Program for Caring for Babies and Their Families - for RN, NNP

This program provides a 2-hour review of key topics presented in the original Caring for Babies and Their Families program. This is available only to learners who have already taken the original program, and is meant to be a means by which annual nursing competencies can be met. The first course reviews the need for emotional support of NICU parents and communication skills, while the second one reviews key points in peer support, family-centered developmental care, discharge planning and follow-up support, palliative and bereavement care, and supporting staff.
Annual Refresher for Caring for Babies and Their Families [Top]
This is a 2-CEU program designed with the intent to fulfill annual competency requirements for NICU nurses (RNs and NNPs).
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Annual Refresher for RN/NNP

2 CEU program for review of basic concepts for NICU psychosocial support; program intended for learners who have previously taken the full program.