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**Most Requested: Caring for Babies and Their Families - NICU Program for RN, NNP

This is the primary 7-hour program that will provide Continuing Education Credits for NURSES and NEONATAL NURSE PRACTITIONERS.
RN/NNP Completion Certification for Babies Course [Top]
In order to get 8 CEUs for completing the whole Babies program instead of 7, RN/NNPs will have to complete the assessment associated with this "program."
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9b-Caring for Babies Certificate for RNs - NICU

ID: 0010
If you are an RN or NNP and have completed all the courses in the program for Caring for Babies and Their Families, you qualify for 8 CEUs instead of the 7 you would get if you took each individually. This gives you the extra credit you have earned.
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