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We offer educational Programs, which are groups of courses, and also individual Courses which you can elect to take.  They are organized by Profession, and prices vary according to profession and type of continuing education credits needed in each profession. 
In our Course Catalogue, start by choosing the learning program (collection of courses) or the individual course(s) you want to take by identifying the one(s) for your profession (i.e., Program for RNs, MDs, LCSWs, non-credit seeking learners, etc.).
Here is a brief description of our current offerings:

1. Caring for Babies and Their Families: Providing Psychosocial Support in the NICU: This 7-credit Program and its Courses are available for physicians, nurses and neonatal nurse practitioners, social workers and psychologists, and learners who are not eligible to receive credit through our platform (occupational and physical therapists, speech/language pathologists, respiratory care practitioners, and parent learners).

2. Advanced Provider Program, Caring for Babies and Their Families: This is a condensed of the original Program described above, available only to physicians and neonatal nurse practitioners. It offers 2 hours of continuing education credit.

3. Annual Refresher Program, Caring for Babies and Their Families: This is a 2-credit program which reviews the highlights of the original Caring for Babies Program.  it is intended to be used to maintain annual nursing competencies, and is available to nurses only.

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